Meet the Waste Warriors at River Graze

River Graze is Going Green

From 2018, we’re working towards making River Graze a green event. Over the next three years we’ll be working closely with City of Melbourne to make some changes to the way we do things that can help us reduce food waste and landfill. This is part of a larger plan to make Melbourne events more environmentally sustainable.

Our team of Waste Warriors will be educating all river graze staff and vendors pre-event on choosing more sustainable packaging options, the correct use of on-site recycling stations and composting bins.

Our Waste Warriors will be there to help Grazers too! You’ll see them all over River Graze in red t shirts ready to help you sort your recyclable from your compostable and find the right place to dispose of them. Closed Loop will help us turn your food scraps into compost that can go on to grow more delicious produce.

They will also be conducting education sessions on the community stage about the challenges we face in the war on waste, and gathering data from both businesses and patrons alike to help benchmark and set priorities for future events.