Drink this now: Maidenii sweet vermouth

Published on 23 June 2022

Photo: Bar Romantica's Henry Crawford (photo: Jana Langhorst).

Maidenii sweet vermouth

Bar Romantica co-owner Henry Crawford is well-placed to recommend you a bottle of vermouth – “there's always a few bottles on the go in our fridge at home”, he says. As far as he’s concerned, your best Victorian option is Maidenii sweet vermouth. 

It starts off with a base of cabernet sauvignon (sourced from central Victoria), before adding strawberry gum, wattle seed, river mint, sea parsley, grapefruit zest, mace, and angelica root, for a delicious balance of complex flavours that’s “built to be drunk,” says Crawford, “not sipped.”

“We're living through this interesting vermouth renaissance period,” says Crawford. “It's gone from being this medicinal beverage that was all about longevity, to a drink that is seasonal and drinks differently each vintage.” While it pairs perfectly with classic aperitivo snacks – anything salty, fishy or brine-y – it's also a nice ending to the ritual of dinner; particularly when you’ve just finished a bottle of wine but aren’t quite eager enough to open another. You'll be able to find Maidenii sweet vermouth at all good independent bottle stores, or on their website.  

Maidenii sweet vermouth, starting from $28, available online here

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